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How Siftwallet is Actually Helping Medium Businesses Save Money on Credit Cards.

Sift is on of the most-loved finance apps directly from the web, making it easy for you to track credit card benefits, protect your belongings, and get money back on purchases. Please meet Sift – an app that unlocks hidden benefits of your credit cards. Sift automatically analyzes hidden benefits that are buried in complex retailer and credit card policies and files the appropriate claims on the user’s behalf, getting consumers back tens of billions currently left on the table every year. Here is a 30-second overview of the service: Sift – Unlock your hidden credit card benefits.

Managing your finances is hard, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. That’s the Sift team have made Sift accessible from any device with the newly launched

Apple featured Sift right away on their main spotlight editorial story “Three Apps For a Happy, Healthy Wallet” where they talk about 3 apps that every iPhone user should have to manage their wallet better.

SiftWallet just like other credit cards has helped in shaping the financial market as it comes with the offer of cashback and refunds on purchases which has helped in making online sales a lot easier. Thus it can be said that sift and other credit cards have a couple of benefits that beats not having one.

There are a myriad of benefits that come with having a credit card; for all its convenience and usefulness, there are still a lot of unlocked benefits of credit cards,  users do not have direct access to due to the sophisticated tools and features adopted by several companies in bid to maximize profit.

SiftWallet is a service that analyses and explores these hidden benefits to help users optimize the features of their credit cards. The SiftWallet popularly shortened to Sift was founded by Abhinav Dubey and Janne Salminen in 2015. It operated under the name ‘ShopInBox’ before it was officially changed to Sift and has stuck with the brand name which is now known for its reliability.

The SiftWallet – a free mobile application is designed to unlock unknown benefits of credit cards such as extended warranties, price adjustment refunds, return protection, theft and damage protection and several other perks that are unknown to users. In addition to filing a suit on behalf of users in order to claim these benefits, the app automatically tracks the spending details on credit cards consequently helping users to save substantial amounts of money.

Basically, sift promises “automatic refunds from hidden credit card benefits”. The summary of the operating mechanism of Sift is best explained in the words of Harvard Business school graduate, Abhinav Dubey co-founder and CEO of Sift.

“We unlock thousands of dollars’ worth of hidden credit cards benefits. Think of credit cards benefits like an iceberg – on the surface, there are benefits that everybody knows about, like rewards/cash back, but underneath the surface, there are all these great benefits that people are unaware of and/or are hard to take advantage of. We solve both the awareness problem and also streamline the claims process.” – Abhinav Dubey, CEO and co-founder of Sift.

In 2017, Sift announced a $1.5 million seed round raised to further unlock credit card benefits, with the added promise of providing transparency to the credit card market. Although Sift was first introduced in 2015, it wasn’t until 2017 that their mobile app available for iOS devices on the App store along with the web version was publicly launched. However the mobile application is currently available only on the iOS platform.

“Managing your finances is hard, especially during the hustle and bustle of holiday season. That’s why we’ve made Sift accessible from any device with the newly launched siftwallet. com” – Abhinav Dubey, CEO and co-founder of Sift.

Benefits of SiftWallet

For business owners who do not want to be bothered with the stress of calling their credit card company or reading the accompanying polices, the SiftWallet is of the greatest benefit. Below are some of the impressive ways Sift helps businesses save money.

  • Extended Return protection

Sift automatically provides an extension on the timeframe for returning products where the user experience was not satisfactory.

  • Damage and Theft protection

Sift offers up to 90 days of warranty in case electronics, gadgets and other items of high value get damaged or stolen within the coverage period.

  • Automated price protection

Sift is constantly on alert for changes in the price of a product and automatically makes provisions to secure a refund where there is a price protection policy.

Just like the damage and theft protection feature, sift offers free extended warranties for high-end items.

 One of the unique selling points of SiftWallet is the fact that it is very easy to use as the U/I is quite easy and a lot of credit should be given to the developers behind its development

In our Beta testing, we have saved users hundreds of thousands of dollars and estimate users get back over 5% of their spend. This round of funding will help us grow our user base as well as continue to develop ways in which we can level the playing field for consumers.” Abhinav Dubey, CEO and Co-Founder of Sift said after he was asked about the progress that has been made with the development of SiftWallet at an event where it was showcased.

As an additional feature, SiftWallet plans to unlock some of the travel related benefits including reimbursements for travellers stranded by flight delays, trip cancellation insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, etc. Sift creates awareness among users about the benefits, protections and rights available to them, and also goes ahead to track and monitor the claims process of getting a refund faster and a lot easier.

SiftWallet is the first of its kind service and it is set to revolutionize the financial sector with the introduction of basic transparency to the credit card market that will further help in securing transaction online in more ways than one.

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Updated: January 31, 2018 — 8:51 pm
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